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How to Achieve Bird Control

In both urban and rural environments, one of the most common pest birds that you will find is the pigeon. Pigeons are often found around grocery stores, mills, food processing plants, parks, city buildings, and bridges. Unfortunately, pigeons can become an all-too-familiar pest and become an unwelcome resident at your home or business.

While there are other pest birds, pigeons are generally regarded as the most serious pest bird in human habitations. If you have heard pigeons colloquially referred to as “flying rats”, that is why. Pigeons are common causes of food contamination, corrosion to buildings and vegetation, and infectious disease transmission. If you are noticing pigeon-related issues at your home or workplace and are looking for strategies to get rid of pest pigeons, these common pigeon control methods can help.


Discourage Pigeons from Roosting

First, begin by identifying ways to discourage pigeons from visiting your space in the first place. Pest pigeons are attracted to food waste, so tightly securing trash containers and other garbage receptacles will deter pigeons foraging for food from lingering. Although you may not think much about your discarded food waste, pigeons commonly scavenge in dumpsters for food scraps. Do not let your dumpster become their next big find!

Additionally, think about any food that you leave outside. Keep pet food dishes inside. If you are hosting an outdoor party or gathering, take any food items and serving dishes inside as soon as they are no longer needed. Also, be sure to clean up any food or drinks that may have spilled during any outdoor event. This will not only help you reduce the risk of attracting pigeons, but also other pests as well. If you have a bird feeder, keep your bird feeders away from your home or workplace and clean and disinfect them regularly.

Equip Your Structure to Repel Pigeons and Other Roosting Pest Birds

Are there any sites in your building where birds can roost or have roosted before? If there are, get those spots bird-proofed. Anywhere where harmless birds can nest or roost, pigeons can nest or roost as well.

Start by looking at your roofline and identify any spots where sections of your roof, rafters, ledges, balconies, gable windows, garages, or other protrusions create potential nesting sites for birds. Once you identify any possible nesting sites, there are a variety of tried-and-true ways to deter pigeons and other pest birds from making nests and feeling at home in these spots. Some home and business owners choose to install steel prongs, bird spikes, or porcupine wire to prevent pigeons from landing or nesting on possible nesting sites. Additionally, sturdy metal grates or screens should be installed over attic or crawl space vents to prevent pigeons from entering and nesting inside.


Consider Applying Repellents

Several different types of natural and chemical pigeon repellents are available that can be used to deter pigeons from roosting on your structure. While visual repellents can create a temporary solution for pigeon problems, permanent solutions such as the application of bird control gels that repel pigeons by creating a sticky layer that makes an appealing nesting or roosting surface unsuitable often works better long-term.

Seek Professional Pigeon Removal Services

What should you do if all of the above preventative measures fail and a pigeon enters your building? In these cases, pigeon removal should become the top priority.

Pigeons are best removed by trapping. Place traps in the best locations where the pigeons will most likely come to feed or drink. By placing fresh feed and water to lure in pigeons, you can capture them. This requires patience and may take several days, but once the pigeons have been baited and captured, consult local regulations to find the proper procedures for disposal or release, depending on whether the pigeon was captured alive or dead.



Pigeon trapping and removal is a time-consuming and dangerous process that is best left to experienced professional exterminators. If you need to trap a pigeon, leave the trapping and removal process to a certified expert pest controller.

Although these and other tricks can often deter pigeons, sometimes pigeon problems may become unmanageable and may require professional pest control. Pest controllers are trained to implement the best products and services to help effectively remove pigeons from your buildings and properties for good.