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Why Heat Treatments Work

Having bed bugs is not your fault. They can enter your house from virtually anywhere. But you do not have to live with bed bugs or put up with invasive or lengthy bed bug treatments that disrupt your lifestyle. You and your family do not have to endure getting constantly bitten while waiting for bed bug pesticides to do their thing.

So what can you do instead? Get a heat treatment!

Why Is a Heat Treatment Your Best Option?

  • Heat immediately kills all bed bugs at all stages of life in a single, immediate treatment, regardless of whether they are adults, nymphs, or eggs. You will not have to worry about future generations of bed bugs bothering your family, since a single heat treatment, if properly conducted, will completely exterminate the entire infestation.
  • Heat treats all bed bug hiding places. Insecticides get applied to surfaces and only work when direct contact occurs, but heat treatments effectively achieve complete extermination in a matter of hours by exceeding thermal death point.
  • Heat penetrates everywhere. We get all possible affected areas up to temperatures lethal to bed bugs and hold that lethal temperature long enough to kill all bed bugs. We ensure that all furnishings, draperies, electronics, clothing, bedding, mattresses, and structural elements including walls reach or exceed lethal temperatures. We leave no places for bed bugs to hide, and we ensure that all bed bugs are 100% killed the first time.
  • Heat is 100% safe to the contents of your home. We heat only up to the thermal death point, which is not hot enough to damage most common household furnishings. Did you know that any items you have that have been container shipped across the ocean have already been heat treated? Heat treatments for pest extermination are a required part of the import process.
  • A heat treatment is the most eco-friendly option and has no chemicals or pesticides that can irritate you or your family. Heat child-safe and pet-safe, and will not lead to anything that will harm your dogs, cats, or furry friends.
  • Heat has no allergic properties, unlike some pesticides. Your home is freshened and your bed bugs will be gone after a heat treatment.

Check out this pest control in Reno video to get more information on a good Reno bed bug heat treatment exterminator.